Riding the Elephant

This activity is also called RTE. This is when Jesus sits upon this huge stuffed elephant in my last apartment. He did this so often that it became a noteworthy event in our pathetic household. I like to think of Jesus riding through the jungle atop a majestic elephant as if he were a king.



Kittums Goes to the Vet

Kittums was overdue for his shots and check-up. So to the cat doctor we go. First, we had to put him in his carrier, which is no easy feat. Then, a short pleasant jaunt in the car. Usually, at the cat doctor, there is a cat I call "Space Kitty." He is blind and has BIG weird eyes. All the people working ooohed and aaahed over how handsome Kittums is. Kittums' vet was very very nice. She weighed him (12 pounds), checked his ears, etc. Then she looked at his teeth. The bad news. Kittums has rotting teeth...he needs to get them cleaned before he comes out to California. The vet brushed his teeth with turkey flavored toothpaste and showed me how to brush his teeth (something I will have to do everyday!). Then the vet listened to Kittums' heart and discovered that Kittums has a heart murmur. At this point it is nothing to severe but it could turn into something serious. So I have to keep an eye on his energy level. Lastly, I asked the vet why Kittums pukes so damn much. Trivia: It's perfectly normal for cats to puke once a week. She said if Kittums is puking more, it's not bulimia. He's either: a) eating too fast; b) allergic to his food; or c) afflicted with hairballs. She gave me tips on how to figure out what the problem is, but since Kittums is staying with my grandparents until I fly him and Jesus out here, I'll have to wait until then to do any puke-related detective work. Speaking of my grandparents, I got a card from them today with the update: "Kittums in fine. All he wants to do is eat. He is quite a bird watcher too."






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