Kittums Issue #2 - Spring 1993

Here I am in California, but Kittums and Jesus are 3000 miles away in Maine, and I miss them terribly. They are doing well, if you care. Soon I'll be flying them out to SF, and if you're lucky, you'll get to meet them and see why I think they rule so much. Otherwise, you'll just have to read these pages and dream.



birthday: June 3rd, 1991

astrological sign: gemini

nicknames: jesus (hey-zooos), juice poops, little g, heyzooozamoose

earplugs to him are: toys and food

likes to eat: margarine, tahini, a lot of cat food

despite his age, jesus is fairly small and light. (he feels almost like his bones are hollow!)

jesus enjoys watching Casper the rat intently.

a favorite pasttime of Jesus' is Riding the Elephant

When he's lying around, sometimes he is so lazy that he will drag himself around with his claws



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