Kittums Issue #1 - December 1992

a poem I found on a bag of Soft Paw kitty litter


This is what happens when you have no life and your existence revolves around your cat. It had to manifest itself some way. Hence, KITTUMS zine. Maybe, through it, you will learn to love Kittums as much as I do. Maybe you will just think I'm a big nerd. (I am)

Thanks to Melissa Ames for the Kittums centerfold photo. "K.P." reprinted from GAYBEE #3. Rollins pic borrowed from OUTPUNK.


1. big neck

1. big neck

2. tough 2. tough
3. thinks he's a person 3. thinks he's a deity
4. stripes and whiskers 4. tattoos
5. cuddly 5. too damn beefy
6. sexy 6. doesn't do much for me
7. egocentric 7. egocentric
8. purrs 8. screams
9. would make a much better gap model than rollins 9. does gap ads


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